Only the best musicfor our company!
In-store TV engagesour customers!
Ambient Media boostsour sales!
Moodmusic issimply fun!

Business Radio

Moodmusic creates unique, target group specific background music for your company that fits in with your daily routine. With our system you can impart emotions to your customers, guests and visitors.

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Digital Signage

Business TV appeals to your customers. With moving images you can draw attention to content and keep people on your premises for longer. Send information, emotions and specific news.

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Out of Home

Reiff TV, with 33 locations, is your specialised and regional Out-of-home advertising network in Baden-Württemberg. Potentionally reaching between 230,000 and 828,000 contacts with a top target group.

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Moodmusic programmed Apps and Web interfaces for TV and music control. Our services are interlinked and are user friendly. In this way, your offers and information can be easily placed.

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Recent news

LTI Hotel Kaiserfels extensively renovated.

Moodmusic gives Koi Restaurant Munich its own music style.

Restaurant Dachgarten with new Moodmusic sound system

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About Moodmusic

Our guests want to buy the music played in the hotel, that's how good it is.

Thomas Volgger, Owner, Hotel Plunhof, Tirol.