Digital signage content and background music in many homes

Latest models as digital signage

Moodmusic creates the digital signage content for the car centers across Germany. In over 50 stores, the latest models, information and events can be seen on the in-store TVs.

Background music also plays in many stores, sometimes with multiple programs at different times throughout the day.

More references
  • Olymp

    Digital signage content was created for Olymp for the different seasons and background music was selected.

  • Moodmusic Le Corange restaurant background music

    Le Corange

    Great technical equipment with mixer and touchpads and suitable background music in the fish restaurant.

  • Harley-Davidson Moodmusic Musikdienste


    The Harley-Davidson store in Schwäbisch Gmünd used several services at once, including digital signage and a soundbar.

  • AMG

    The AMG Soundcounter as a special design for AMG, plays engine sounds of the current models at the touch of a button.