Custom music programmes

Every company has its own target groups, creates its own image and of course establishes a special ambience in the customer area. Our experienced music editors understand how music works and how it is perceived by your customers and guests. We create custom music programmes to suit your style and trigger certain emotions.

Music editing

Moodmusic adapts your music programmes to your needs. Our musical dramaturgical day always places your customers and guests in an atmosphere that is suited to the time of day. Our music editors buy music every day and make it available for your programmes.


Our specially developed music software opens up countless possibilities for you. Using an interactive interface, you can adjust the volume, select alternative programmes, skip individual songs, and even trigger special recordings of individual tracks with the help of a touch display.


The hardware we use consists of PCs, amplifiers, loudspeakers, etc. and is certified for 24/7 use and tested hundreds of times for the use with non-stop music programmes. The 360° loudspeakers offer optimal sound even in large commercial areas. Thanks to their special technology, they require fewer speakers than with other manufacturers.

Advantages of background music systems


  • Unique, target group specific content
  • Underlines your ambience
  • Makes customers feel comfortable
  • Boosts sales
  • Software for monitoring
  • No repetitions of songs and performers


  • Ensures that time spent on your premises is relaxing
  • Enhances buying impulses through emotions
  • Addresses your customer’s target group
  • Distinctive acoustic CI

The special 360° loudspeakers can be suspended or integrated into the ceiling. Due to their simple design they are barely noticeable and deliver great sound.