We have been working closely with these important partners for years. At this point we would like to thank them very much for the moments we have shared and we are looking forward to continued collaboration in the future.


We are connected to the “das unerhörte Hotel 2.0” steering committee through Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philip Leistner, in which hoteliers, outfitters, construction companies and exotics like Moodmusic exchange information in an informal manner. During presentations we have a constructive back and forth.


As a partner member of Unycu, we benefit from the exchange with exclusive, boutique and design-oriented hotels, encounter gastronomic creativity and are part of the Unycu family.

LDT Nagold

Rüdiger Jung, head of the LDT in Nagold has a very special story to tell about Sven Kühne. As a lecturer he supported Sven Kühne during his final paper to become a Textile Business Economist BTE at the LDT Nagold. Today, LTD is still sending students to Moodmusic, to carry out semester work, in which questions like the impact of music at PoS or the integration of digitalisation at the PoS are discussed. Expert knowledge from Olymp Betzner, G-Star and KATAG involving the digital transformation at the PoS have already been prepared as case studies.

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