Engelhorn Fashion Mannheim

We have done more than just equip the fashion store in the heart of Mannheim with music from top to bottom. More than 20 special digital signage displays on seven floors play appealing content for fashion conscious customers. We are particularly pleased with the special projects we were able to implement for the fashion store. In addition to an asymmetrical video wall in the jeans department, there are two interactive mirrors. In the employee area, employees can enjoy touch displays which deliver important up-to-date information.

Engelhorn Sports Mannheim

We have also equipped the Engelhorn sports store with more than 20 screens, which not only display brand advertising, but also special information about regional events and special promotions. This store was unique for Moodmusic as we also made it possible to play TV contents on individual displays using a special installation. The customers were especially enthusiastic during the World Cup, when they quickly secured a national team shirt.

Engelhorn The Box Mannheim

The small store in the neighbouring square is just as enthusiastic about our range of music as the two larger stores on the Kapuzinerplanken. Urban hits and new beats accompany their customers and employees throughout the day.

Images © Engelhorn The Box

Engelhorn Active Town Vierheim

Sports enthusiasts, hikers and lovers of the outdoors can find everything their hearts desire in Active Town. We capture the essence of summer, fresh air and energy using specially designed background music.