Museumshotel Krønasår

The Moodmusic team put a lot of energy into the Krønasår project. Our special software makes it possible to play the hotel’s anthem in the lobby or in the car park. The music department put together separate background music programmes for the four catering businesses with hundreds of hand-picked titles.

Logo Krønasår

Hotel Bell Rock

Several CDs for Hotel Bell Rock, including Classics and Havana Lounge. Moodmusic has created unique background music concepts for the four restaurants, bars, the lobby and the car park, ensuring an unforgettable stay at the hotel. The icing on the cake is the soundtrack composed by Sebastian Bartmann (Sonoroom co-founder). The Bell Rock Hotel was honoured for its unique music concept in 2017, a fact which naturally fills us with pride.

Bell Rock

Hotel Colosseo

We also provide background music for the lobby, restaurant and bar in the hotel Colosseo. A subtle mix of Italian-inspired tracks, classics and hits play throughout the complex.

Hotel El Andaluz

In the Hotel Andaluz, Spanish background music plays in different programmes to underline both Fiesta and Siesta.