Interactive Elements

Our interactive elements are tailor-made and unique. We have everything; from sound playing barrels and pictures to light controls in changing rooms.

AMG Soundcounter

The Soundcounter, specially developed for AMG, brings vehicles to life on the shop floor.


Which exhaust system sounds best on which motorcycle? Experience the true Harley Davidson sound and compare the manufacturers’ selections.


Our universal solution for everything that is supposed to make sound. Devices can be triggered by more than just a tap on the screen, light barriers and motion sensors may also be involved.

Floor Sign

The multifunctional digital sign serves as an orientation for customers, shows them the quickest way to the item they are looking for and can be used to promote special offers.

Interactive Mirror

A new way to share photos, videos or a 360° view of your new outfit with friends and family. Live and on the spot.

Light Booth

Are your customers exchanging their goods because they don’t look the same at home as they did in the shop? The light booth can simulate different lighting scenarios, from dusk to a spotlight – returns will be a thing of the past thanks to the light booth.