Engine sounds at a buttontouch

AMG Sound Counter

We have managed to bring the unique fascination of the typical AMG engine sound to the point of sale. The vehicle seems more lively, breathes and gets an acoustic dynamic that gives the fan community, customers and prospective customers goose bumps.

The selection option allows the user not only to “start” the vehicle in front of him, but also to listen to a different engine sound from the complete AMG vehicle family.

Sound recording and production

Powerful engine sound becomes an immersive and captivating listening experience.

Insights into our services

Tire stack

The PoS furniture, specially developed for AMG, blends into the overall look of the center and is the icing on the cake for a very special feeling.

Vehicle choice

Thanks to the simple operation of the display, customers can quickly enjoy the engine sounds with a goosebumps factor.

Sound recording

All sound recordings are done by Moodmusic itself and mixed in the recording studio.

Personal contact & individual consulting

We advise you extensively and realize your project