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Musical shopping experience to linger over

Music as accompaniment

Background music in retail can have a significant impact on the shopping experience. With us, the music selection is carefully curated to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Our goal is to lift customers’ spirits and create a relaxed shopping atmosphere where they feel comfortable and happy to linger.

Radio for retail Fashion Engelhorn
Music at all levels
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The right music for happy customers and completion of your company philosophy.


Frankonia Musik im Einzelhandel
Advertising screens on sales areas
Retail display installations


Installation of a video wall with 4K and over 20 signage systems, the store concept is rounded off by the appropriate background music.

Background music for shopping centers
Digital signage for the retail sector


In the Engelhorn fashion store, special digital signage displays and a video wall were installed in the jeans department.

Digital signage for Olympus
Digital signage in retail companies


Digital signage content was created for Olymp for the different seasons and background music was selected.

Sound design for retail

Your customers’ satisfaction comes first