Retail trade

Musical shopping experience to linger over

Music as accompaniment

Background music in retail can have a significant impact on the shopping experience. With us, the music selection is carefully curated to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Our goal is to lift customers’ spirits and create a relaxed shopping atmosphere where they feel comfortable and happy to linger.

Music at all levels

Happy customers and increase sales with an effective background music strategy.


Olymp, Marvelis and Shirthouse

For our client Olymp, Moodmusic creates the Digital Signage content individually for the collection changes throughout the year. Our background music also delights customers and employees on site at any time of day or year.

Engelhorn Mode

Several Engelhorn fashion stores were equipped with background music and Digital Signage Displays. Special installations were also carried out, such as an asymmetrical video wall and the playing of TV content.

Sound design for retail

Your customers’ satisfaction comes first