Our musical projects from various sectors

  • Background music in hotels

    Hotel Melchior Park

    With good weekly planning, there is the right background music for every group of guests via the smart sound system.

  • Sound systems for hotels

    Steigenberger Nile Palace

    The appropriate sound in 6 different areas of the hotel, including the pool area, the lobby and the various restaurants.

  • Sound art in restaurant hotels

    Hotel Neues Tor

    Musical ambience for the lobby, reception, corridors, bar, Staufer's restaurant and Schlotzerstube.

  • Audio installation planning for individual guests in hotels

    Hotel Rössl Rabland

    The right music all day long, from breakfast to the bar evening, controllable via the app for individual guests.

  • Personalized business radio for hotels

    Steigenberger Taba

    Atmospheric background music for the Main Restaurant, the lobby and the open bar area for a pleasant stay.

  • Ambient sound ambience for hotels

    Steigenberger Makadi

    Sound experience for guests in the lobby and open bar areas for a feel-good musical ambience.

  • Hotel lobby background music

    Steigenberger Ras Soma

    Coordinated hotel sound system for the lobby, restaurant and bar to create the right ambience.

  • Suitable music for hotels

    Steigenberger Alcazar

    Appropriate sound backdrop in the lobby and open bar area for a pleasant and inviting ambience for guests.

  • Hotel sound system and individual hotel sound reinforcement

    Steigenberger Herrenhof

    Target group-oriented music according to the changing guests and the season in different areas of the hotel.

  • Background music for restaurant cooking show

    Le Petit Chef

    For the cooking show by the smallest chef in the world, voice announcements were set to music and the concept was rounded off by the composition of the music.

  • Sound concept and signage systems for retail


    Installation of a video wall with 4K and over 20 signage systems, the store concept is rounded off by the appropriate background music.

  • Restaurant music for a special evening

    959 Heidelberg

    At 959 Heidelberg, the right background music now plays for feasting in the restaurant and private dining in the bar.

  • Hintergrundmusik im Kino Moodmusic


    Soundful cinema visit already in the foyer with appropriate background music to break the awkward silence.

  • Moodmusic Hintergrundmusik Jump House

    Jump House

    With well-known electro-pop and dance tracks by Moodmusic, it goes high with full action in the Jump House.

  • Music composition for hotels and the leisure industry


    Various hotels have been equipped with special background music and some have their own soundtrack.

  • Ammolite Restaurant Moodmusic Hintergrundmusik


    Exclusive background music program controllable via a dedicated touchpad in the 2-Michelin-star restaurant.

  • Hintegrundmusik Blockbräu Hamburg Moodmusic


    Special background music for the restaurant at the Landungsbrücken with the real musical Hamburg feeling.

  • Dachgarten Moodmusic individuelle Hintergrundmusik


    For a special style, a special background music that matches the modern ambience.

  • Moodmusic Le Corange restaurant background music

    Le Corange

    Great technical equipment with mixer and touchpads and suitable background music in the fish restaurant.

  • Opus V

    Special background music programs emphasize the fine dining atmosphere in the 2-star restaurant.

  • Faces Lounge Hintergrundmusik Moodmusic

    Faces Lounge

    The Faces Lounge in Mannheim was equipped with special gadgets, including a mixer with multiple inputs.

  • AMG

    The AMG Soundcounter as a special design for AMG, plays engine sounds of the current models at the touch of a button.

  • Daimler Truck AG

    Creation of digital signage content and curated background music for many car dealerships nationwide.

  • Advertising screens in the store


    In the Engelhorn fashion store, special digital signage displays and a video wall were installed in the jeans department.

  • Digital signage trends and background music


    Digital signage content was created for Olymp for the different seasons and background music was selected.

  • Jaz Hotels Deutschland und Niederlande

    Designhotels Jaz

    Staying in one of the young design hotels of the Jaz in the City brand, you can feel the dynamic rhythm of the city with background music by Moodmusic.

  • Spa Hotel Background music in the spa area Hotel

    König Ludwig Resort Allgäu

    In the hotel's modern and sophisticated Lily Lounge, we provide background music in a variety of lounge styles depending on the day.

  • Sonnenalp Resort

    Sonnenalp Resort Allgäu

    For the 5-star luxury resort Sonnenalp, Moodmusik provides background music in the various bars, adapted to the time of day and season.

  • Grand Elyseé Hintergrundmusik Gesamtpakete Moodmusic

    Grand Elysée Hamburg

    The 5-star Hotel Grand Elysée in Hamburg receives the background music total package from us.

  • Steigenberger Hotels Egypt

    Along the Egyptian coast, we provide several Steigenberger beach hotels with background music in the lobbies and restaurants.

Background music for your area

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