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Unforgettable hotel moments with sonorous impressions

Curated music for hotels

A harmonious carpet of sound that perfectly underscores the atmosphere in a hotel’s public areas, lounges and restaurants. Carefully selected playlists create a pleasant and inviting mood that enriches guests’ stay and provides an unforgettable musical experience.

Musical tour through your hotel
Hotel music in the hotel lobby

Reception in the lobby

Feel good right from the start with a musical welcome in the entrance area.

Music in the hotel restaurant

Dining in the restaurant

The perfect background music to accompany a delicious dinner.

Audio entertainment for hotels

Relax in the spa area

Exceptional spa areas also require special music combinations.

Treatments in hotels with background music

Special treatments

Background music for exclusive applications and treatments.

Relaxed bar music in the hotel

Winding down at the bar

Enjoy the evening in the bar with a good drink and melodious music.


Hotel Melchior Park
Steigenberger Hotel Nile Palace
Hotel Neues Tor
Hotel Rössl
Steigenberger Hotel Taba
Steigenberger Hotel Makadi
Steigenberger Resort Ras Soma
Hotel Steigenberger Alcazar
Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof
Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts
Musical sound reinforcement in hotels
Sound solutions in hotel restaurants

Hotel Melchior Park

With good weekly planning, there is the right background music for every group of guests via the smart sound system.

Installation of background music in hotels
Audio planning of background music in hotels

Steigenberger Nile Palace

The appropriate sound in 6 different areas of the hotel, including the pool area, the lobby and the various restaurants.

Background music for hotels
Sound reinforcement in hotels

Hotel Neues Tor

Musical ambience for the lobby, reception, corridors, bar, Staufer's restaurant and Schlotzerstube.

Background music via touch bar in hotels
Sound room concepts in hotels for guests

Hotel Rössl Rabland

The right music all day long, from breakfast to the bar evening, controllable via the app for individual guests.

Background music solutions for hotels
Music for the hotel industry

Steigenberger Taba

Atmospheric background music for the Main Restaurant, the lobby and the open bar area for a pleasant stay.

Sound reinforcement planning for hotels
Hotel reception with background music

Steigenberger Makadi

Sound experience for guests in the lobby and open bar areas for a feel-good musical ambience.

Background music and audio integration in hotels
Sound room design in hotels

Steigenberger Ras Soma

Coordinated hotel sound system for the lobby, restaurant and bar to create the right ambience.

Sound reinforcement for hotels
Atmospheric background music for hotels

Steigenberger Alcazar

Appropriate sound backdrop in the lobby and open bar area for a pleasant and inviting ambience for guests.

Individual sound solutions for hotels
Hotel Restaurant Musik for the right ambience

Steigenberger Herrenhof

Target group-oriented music according to the changing guests and the season in different areas of the hotel.

Designhotels Jaz

Staying in one of the young design hotels of the Jaz in the City brand, you can feel the dynamic rhythm of the city with background music by Moodmusic.

Hotel playlists in the lobby
Background music in the hotel spa area

König Ludwig Resort Allgäu

In the hotel's modern and sophisticated Lily Lounge, we provide background music in a variety of lounge styles depending on the day.

Sonnenalp Resort Allgäu

For the 5-star luxury resort Sonnenalp, Moodmusik provides background music in the various bars, adapted to the time of day and season.

Grand Elysée Hamburg

The 5-star Hotel Grand Elysée in Hamburg receives the background music total package from us.

Steigenberger Hotels Egypt

Along the Egyptian coast, we provide several Steigenberger beach hotels with background music in the lobbies and restaurants.

The perfect ambience for your hotel

We curate favorite pieces for your business radio