Lasting leisure moments with the right mood

Sonic adventure with background music

In theme parks and cinemas, background music and sound effects share the task of creating an immersive environment. They complement the visuals and create an atmosphere that draws visitors into the stories and adventures.

Carefully selected background music is therefore essential to create the memorable experiences in these entertainment areas.

Strategically positioning background music

An immersive and impressive sound experience for visitors and spectators through the right distribution.


Europapark Hotels

Several hotels in Europapark have been equipped with background music and some have their own soundtrack.

Jump House

We provide a lot of action with well-known electro-pop and dance titles in our music programs in the seven JUMP houses in Northern Germany.


Cinema sound in the auditorium is all well and good, but in the queue for popcorn awkward silence or whispered conversations? With background music from Moodmusic, a visit to the cinema becomes an experience even before the film.

Accentuate emotions and moods musically

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