Taste and sound merge for connoisseurs

Musical delights

Create an inviting atmosphere with carefully selected background music that appeals to guests’ senses and deepens the culinary experience. Guests can relax to the fullest and enjoy the food in.

Harmony between sound and space

Design the perfect soundscape for your restaurant with custom room planning and speaker technology.


Faces Lounge

Besides the music playing in the background, Moodmusic has equipped the Faces Lounge at Engelhorn Mannheim with very special gadgets, besides a mixer with multiple inputs.

Opus V

For the 2-star restaurant Opus V in the Engelhorn fashion house, we created very special background music programs that emphasize the fine dining atmosphere.

Le Corange

In the fish restaurant Le Corange we accompany the culinary delicacies with suitable background music. As in the other restaurants at Engelhorn Mannheim, there is extensive technical equipment with a mixer and touchpads.


Modern ambience, hip street food and sophisticated dishes are the hallmarks of the Dachgarten at Engelhorn Modehaus. Moodmusic underlines this special style with individual and sophisticated background music.


A very special location in a great city also needs special background music. For a real Hamburg feeling on the roof terrace at the Landungsbrücken we deliver real sea shanties and North German hits.


A restaurant with a noble atmosphere and two Michelin-starred cuisine also needs a well thought-out and exclusive background music program. The employees can control the music via their own touchpad.

The secret ingredient of successful restaurant

We create a musical atmosphere for your guests