AMG Soundcounter

With the AMG Soundcounter, we have managed to bring the unique allure of the typical AMG engine sound to the point of sale. The vehicle appears more lifelike, breathes and is given an acoustic dynamic, which will leave both the fan community and prospective customers with goosebumps.

The selection option enables the user not only to “start” the vehicle in front of them, but also to listen to different engine sounds from the entire AMG vehicle family.

Purchase decisions are made easier, the brand is transported acoustically and an emotional mood is created within the Performance Centre, allowing the certified AMG product experts to inspire customers to buy an AMG vehicle.

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The PoS displays specially developed for AMG blend into the overall appearance of the centre and help set the perfect mood.


Thanks to the simple operation of the display, customers can quickly enjoy the engine sounds, goose bumps included.


All sound recordings are made by Moodmusic and mixed in the recording studio.