Video wall, digital signage displays and background music on all floors

Engelhorn Modehaus Mannheim

We have not only equipped the fashion store in Mannheim city center with music from top to bottom. More than 20 special digital signage displays on seven floors play appealing content for the enthusiastic shoppers.

We are particularly pleased about the special projects that we were able to implement in the fashion store. In addition to an asymmetrical video wall in the jeans department, there are also two interactive mirrors. In the staff area, employees enjoy touchable displays with current and important information.

Digital advertising for the retail trade
Digital signage for the retail sector
Digital signage sports store Engelhorn

Engelhorn Sporthaus Mannheim

We also equipped the Engelhorn brand sports store with more than 20 screens, on which not only advertising films of the brands play, but also special information about regional events and special promotions.

This house is unique for Moodmusic, as we created the possibility to play individual displays with TV content in a special installation. Customers were particularly enthusiastic during the soccer World Cup, when they quickly secured a jersey of the national team.

Engelhorn Active Town Viernheim

Sports enthusiasts, hikers and outdoor lovers will find everything their hearts desire at Active Town. We capture this very special feeling of summer, fresh air and energy with specially designed background music.

Further references retail
  • Digital signage trends and background music


    Digital signage content was created for Olymp for the different seasons and background music was selected.

  • Advertising screens in the store


    In the Engelhorn fashion store, special digital signage displays and a video wall were installed in the jeans department.

  • Sound concept and signage systems for retail


    Installation of a video wall with 4K and over 20 signage systems, the store concept is rounded off by the appropriate background music.