König Ludwig Wellness & Spa Resort Allgäu

Elegant and day dependent background music

Musical background

In the hotel’s modern and elegant lily lounge, we provide background music in various lounge styles depending on the day. The customized soundscapes make the guests’ stay even more pleasant and offer an inviting atmosphere.

Hotel bar background music
Hotel audio interior design
Treatment rooms Spa area Background music
Wellness and spa music

Sound system for the treatment rooms

12 newly built highly exclusive treatment rooms have been fitted by Moodmusic with speakers, amplifiers and a music system designed for the special treatments. Moodmusic is expanding its music system to include special treatments such as Lomi Lomi, Ayurveda and other treatments that provide special music for the practitioners.

Further references hotel business
  • Steigenberger Hotels Egypt

    Along the Egyptian coast, we provide several Steigenberger beach hotels with background music in the lobbies and restaurants.

  • Hotel sound system and individual hotel sound reinforcement

    Steigenberger Herrenhof

    Target group-oriented music according to the changing guests and the season in different areas of the hotel.

  • Ambient sound ambience for hotels

    Steigenberger Makadi

    Sound experience for guests in the lobby and open bar areas for a feel-good musical ambience.

  • Audio installation planning for individual guests in hotels

    Hotel Rössl Rabland

    The right music all day long, from breakfast to the bar evening, controllable via the app for individual guests.