König Ludwig Wellness & Spa Resort Allgäu

Elegant and day dependent background music

Musical background

In the hotel’s modern and sophisticated Lily Lounge, we provide background music in a variety of lounge styles depending on the day.

More references
  • Opus V

    Special background music programs emphasize the fine dining atmosphere in the 2-star restaurant.

  • Sonnenalp Resort

    Sonnenalp Resort Allgäu

    For the 5-star luxury resort Sonnenalp, Moodmusik provides background music in the various bars, adapted to the time of day and season.

  • Olymp

    Digital signage content was created for Olymp for the different seasons and background music was selected.

  • AMG

    The AMG Soundcounter as a special design for AMG, plays engine sounds of the current models at the touch of a button.