959 Heidelberg

Musical accompaniment and culinary show

Atmospheric background music

For the 959 Heidelberg, Moodmusic has put together the right background music for feasting in the restaurant and private dining in the bar.

In addition, a special toilet concept was developed, in which the quiet room is now accompanied by various fairy tales, which are played there one after the other.

Further references gastronomy
  • Dachgarten Moodmusic individuelle Hintergrundmusik


    For a special style, a special background music that matches the modern ambience.

  • Ammolite Restaurant Moodmusic Hintergrundmusik


    Exclusive background music program controllable via a dedicated touchpad in the 2-Michelin-star restaurant.

  • Background music for restaurant cooking show

    Le Petit Chef

    For the cooking show by the smallest chef in the world, voice announcements were set to music and the concept was rounded off by the composition of the music.

  • Opus V

    Special background music programs emphasize the fine dining atmosphere in the 2-star restaurant.