Le Petit Chef

Announcements for the fascinating 3D show

Le Petit Chef

For the sophisticated 3D cinema directly on the plate with the smallest chef in the world, Moodmusic has set various announcements to music, taking special requirements into account.

This complemented the concept and rounded off the background music in a clean and harmonious way.

Further references Gastronomy
  • Restaurant music for a special evening

    959 Heidelberg

    At 959 Heidelberg, the right background music now plays for feasting in the restaurant and private dining in the bar.

  • Opus V

    Special background music programs emphasize the fine dining atmosphere in the 2-star restaurant.

  • Faces Lounge Hintergrundmusik Moodmusic

    Faces Lounge

    The Faces Lounge in Mannheim was equipped with special gadgets, including a mixer with multiple inputs.

  • Ammolite Restaurant Moodmusic Hintergrundmusik


    Exclusive background music program controllable via a dedicated touchpad in the 2-Michelin-star restaurant.