Steigenberger Herrenhof

Changing background music in different areas

Music tailored to the guests’ mood

Among other things, the lobby, reception, restaurant, bar, lounge and spa area were provided with innovative and varied music. We are in close consultation with the management in order to do justice to the hotel’s changing guests and to adjust the background music accordingly depending on the season.

Individual sound solutions for hotels
Hotel Restaurant Musik for the right ambience
Further references hotel business
  • Hotel sound system and individual hotel sound reinforcement

    Steigenberger Herrenhof

    Target group-oriented music according to the changing guests and the season in different areas of the hotel.

  • Personalized business radio for hotels

    Steigenberger Taba

    Atmospheric background music for the Main Restaurant, the lobby and the open bar area for a pleasant stay.

  • Audio installation planning for individual guests in hotels

    Hotel Rössl Rabland

    The right music all day long, from breakfast to the bar evening, controllable via the app for individual guests.

  • Hotel lobby background music

    Steigenberger Ras Soma

    Coordinated hotel sound system for the lobby, restaurant and bar to create the right ambience.