Steigenberger Taba

Background music for restaurant, lobby and bar area

Harmonious sound for your stay

The sound system for the main restaurant, the lobby and the open bar area was implemented professionally and purposefully. Suitable music was selected for each zone to create a pleasant atmosphere and improve the overall experience for guests.

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    Hotel Neues Tor

    Musical ambience for the lobby, reception, corridors, bar, Staufer's restaurant and Schlotzerstube.

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    Steigenberger Nile Palace

    The appropriate sound in 6 different areas of the hotel, including the pool area, the lobby and the various restaurants.

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    Designhotels Jaz

    Staying in one of the young design hotels of the Jaz in the City brand, you can feel the dynamic rhythm of the city with background music by Moodmusic.

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    Steigenberger Alcazar

    Appropriate sound backdrop in the lobby and open bar area for a pleasant and inviting ambience for guests.