Background music during the cinema visit

Musical welcome in the cinema

Cinema sound in the auditorium is all well and good, but in the queue for popcorn awkward silence or whispered conversations? With background music from Moodmusic, a visit to the cinema becomes an experience even before the film.

More references
  • Hintergrundmusik im Kino Moodmusic


    Soundful cinema visit already in the foyer with appropriate background music to break the awkward silence.

  • AMG

    The AMG Soundcounter as a special design for AMG, plays engine sounds of the current models at the touch of a button.

  • König Ludwig Wellness und Spa

    König Ludwig Resort Allgäu

    In the hotel's modern and sophisticated Lily Lounge, we provide background music in a variety of lounge styles depending on the day.

  • Opus V

    Special background music programs emphasize the fine dining atmosphere in the 2-star restaurant.